Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Day 4

The Missing Keys

It was a day like any other day on this vacation. I got up started working. Grandma turned on a Japanese horror movie. The kids, wife, and sister in law took a nap. Then the peaces started to fall into place for the missing keys. 

The goal of the day was to go out and find Zoe (my baby) an out fit for cheap for the wedding. They wanted to take Grandma as well so she could find a dress for the wedding as well. They where going to head out in the morning but that was not going to work if Grandma was going to come. So then it was postponed till after noon then late afternoon so I would be off work and could watch Zoe. The time came for them to head out on their long journey filled of stress and heartache. 

The loaded up the car. I turned on the USA vs Ghana soccer game and they were off. It was just me, Zoe, Grandpa, nephew, niece and sister in law. It was going good the USA scored a goal with in the first 30 seconds. The kids where happy. Grandpa was enjoying the game. And the parents where glad everyone was happy. Then out of no where behind my back I heard the door open DUNNUNUNUNUNUNUNUN. I scanned the room nephew CHECK, Zoe CHECK, niece CHECK, sister in law CHECK, and Grandpa WHERE is GRANDPA. He was trying to escape.

I ran over to him. Not sure why I ran since he does not move fast it is like zombies why do people run they can barley walk just walk away from them and you will be fine. Stopped him and said what are you doing. He replied I'm going to check the mail. I said Okay lets go check the mail. We went and checked the mail it was a nice little walk to the mail box and back. Lost grandpa was averted CHECK. Next to the keys.

The keys are nice and new for our new car. They have a yellow tag on them cause we got the oil changed before we started our journey. As I said the girl minus Zoe where going shopping for cloths for the wedding. They took off and arrived got out of the car. Keys CHECK, money CHECK, Mitzi CHECK, and Grandma CHECK. They walked around the mall trying to find Zoe an outfit before looking for Grandma's outfit. They found one for 10 bucks excitement ensued WOOHOO.

Next the hunt for Grandma's dress. They walked around till their feet where as red as the red sea (I don't think the red sea is actually red but I don't know). Then there it was a rack of dresses that every ones feet said where the dress style for Grandma. They dug and dug and tried on Dresses here and there. It was like those cartoons where you see the cloths just flying everywhere. Then they did it they found the dress that looked right and good on Grandma. They where off to bring their spoils of war back home. 

Their feet where still red their wallets a little less fool and their stomachs empty. They made it to the car only to find that the Key the one key to rule them all was gone POOF not in a pocket here or a purse there. It was no where to be found. So they asked their feet for a little more to go on a hunt the most epic hunt of the century the Key hunt of 2014. They walked in circles clock wise and counter clock wise. Grandma had to throw in the flag and my brother in law went and picked up the wooded shopper to bring her back to home base. 

The two that where left had a thought WHAT IF.... and they where off to where the found the most magical of dresses for Grandma. and what do you know the war was one the key was found the enemies retreated the Feet where relieved and I can still get my birthday and father day gift :D. 
Do you see it? 

That is the story of the lost key. All accounts are true and none are exaggerated in any way shape or form I promise.

Till Next time make a good story. 

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